Introduction from Simon Maxwell – CDKN Chair

The guiding idea of CDKN since its inception has been ‘climate compatible development'.

Chapter 1

Action on climate change for a world free of poverty

One hard fact provides the context for our work: the world cannot wipe out poverty without ambitious action on climate change.

Regional reflections


Ali Tauqeer Sheikh, CDKN’s Asia Director.


Carl Wesselink, CDKN’s Africa Director.

Latin America

Connie Espinosa, CDKN’s Latin America and Caribbean Director.

Chapter 2

Making the case for climate compatible development

Insights on making the economic case for action and reconciling the needs of different interest groups.

Chapter 3

Planning climate compatible development

Decision-makers have many opportunities to mainstream climate concerns into development planning and ensure coherence across government.

Chapter 4

Resourcing climate compatible development

Climate compatible investments must be in the trillions of dollars and governments must set the pace for the private sector.

Chapter 5

Delivering climate compatible development

Propositions on what it takes to deliver results for climate compatible development and build upon success.

Chapter 6

Scaling up climate compatible development

Insights on ramping up to deliver climate compatible development at scale, so that impact is transformational and irreversible.

Chapter 7

Connecting national to global ambition

National and global processes must interact, from the ‘top down’ and ‘bottom up’, to drive greater ambition on tackling climate change.